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Are your requirements a single sort module or planning a complete corporate mailroom? Ellis Systems has the expertise to maximize efficiency and workflow in this critical area of the company. Inefficiency in this area can have a direct affect on the company's bottom line through delayed billing, delayed receipt of receivables and delay of critical hard copy correspondence. Contact us today!

A well designed mailroom

While every mailroom has the basic incoming and outgoing functions for regular mail, each operation is unique and requires a design that is both functional and flexible. The mailroom is definitely not the place to be installing built-in millwork! Built-in millwork hampers the mailrooms ability to change and adjust as the company requirements change.

Modular mailroom furniture allows mailroom personnel to keep pace with change in the organization and maintain maximum operational efficiency as that change occurs. The best mailroom furniture must be extremely durable and flexible at the same time.

Mailrooms are notorious for being the leftover space in a floor plan, so furniture with limited sizes (mostly steel construction) is rarely the best solution. The best equipment can be made in a large variety of widths, depths and heights. Size flexibility makes better space utilization in limited spaces.

Here are some of the products available:

Various sizes for consoles and sort modules

Mail Center Furniture - Ellis Systems offers a comprehensive line of sort modules, table consoles and platforms.

Sort Modules with numerous options

Satellite Mail Stations - Ellis Systems will design built in or freestanding satellite mail stations to fit any environment.

Sort Modules

Freestanding Modules - We offer units with enclosed storage below, pullout work shelves, and units with or without doors. Applications include forms management, literature fulfillment, satellite mail distribution and proposal/booklet creation.

Packaging, shipping and distribution stations

Packaging, Shipping and Distribution Stations - Ellis Systems offers a wide range of sizes to accommodate manual and automated systems such as adjustable scale units, packaging consoles, manifest stations and conveyer tables.

Copy Centers - Ellis Systems has rolling consoles, paper storage units and divider tab stations to organize your main or satellite copy centers.

Executive Series - An alternative to millwork for mail distribution and message centers in high profile areas of your company.

Adjustable Shelves

Closed Console

Special Designs - Please contact us to evaluate custom designs for unique applications.

If you have the need for a more streamlined mailroom or copy center, contact us today for a free review. If you are moving to new space or remodeling, call us to help in the design and creation of your mail or copy center. We have the expertise to provide you with the design and system products to meet your requirements.