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Rotary Files

Rotary Files also known as Times Two Cabinets take the shelf filing concept and place it on a turntable similar to a lazy susan. These cabinets can be positioned up against a wall or used as a room divider and they offer double depth filing in areas regular shelving could only be single depth. A wide range of accessories can make rotary files extremely versatile creating the capacity to store side tab file folders, top tab file folders in drawers, binders, books, tapes and or just about any type of media up to legal depth. Another aspect of the rotary file is the fact that it can be locked, which is a nice feature when the cabinets are located in an open floor plan or area where multiple departments have access to a room.
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Binder storage in a rotary file

Rotary files come in letter and legal size and a variety of heights from 29.5" all the way up to 92". These cabinets are most popular in the healthcare industry due to HIPAA regulations but have been installed in numerous applications across several industries. Clients currently using file cabinets like the rotary file because, like the file cabinet, it closes to hide the contents and provide a clean organized appearance in the office, and at the same time greatly increases file capacity.

In-Wall rotary storage
Rotary Files can be placed inside a wall niche to save floor space.

Rotary File configuration
Rotary Files of different heights can be connected to create a storage cabinet along with gaining a work surface.

Secured storage with rotary files
Rotary Files can be closed and locked to provide security for sensitive files.

Several media types stored in a rotary file
Rotary Files can not only act as room dividers, but can accommodate a variety of media types.

Unique storage system
Rotary Files - A versatile and modern way to file!

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