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There are many types of shelving for many types of applications: file shelving, library shelving, archive box shelving, four post shelving, Aurora Shelving, cantilever shelving, wire shelving, storage shelving, mobile shelving, bucket shelving, stackable shelving, clip shelving, weapons rack shelving, evidence storage shelving. What do you need to store? Contact us today!

Library shelving

With all of these types of shelving in the marketplace, the key to success is knowing which type is the best for the application. Ellis Systems has over 50 years of experience with shelving systems and our clients benefit from that knowledge. Let's take a look at some of the most common types of shelving:

4 post shelving with color coding

File shelving

This type of shelving is used in place of the traditional file cabinets because of its space saving characteristics and low cost. File shelving comes in many varieties including four post, cantilever, bucket style and stackable. Instead of putting files in drawers, they are placed onto shelves which allow more of the vertical space in the room to be utilized for storage. It is not uncommon for this style of shelving to require less than half the floor space of traditional file cabinets because of its better utilization of vertical space for storage. File shelving can be open or configured with locking doors if required. There are different sizes of file shelving to accommodate letter size files, legal size files and even European size files.

Wood Library Shelving

Shelving in a Law Firm

Shelving in a Law Library

Library Shelving

Library shelving is utilized to hold books, periodicals, tapes, CD's, DVD's and other media found in a public library, school library, corporate library, private library, museum or archive. There are two primary types of library shelving, cantilever and case style four post shelving. Cantilever shelving is found most often in public libraries and case style four post shelving is found in many schools, corporate and private libraries. We offer both styles of library shelves to accommodate all of your requirements.

Archive Box Storage

High Bay Shelving for insurance archives

Archive Box Shelving

Once a file becomes inactive it usually ends up in an archive storage box. Archive box storage is one of the most common problems in today's offices. Stacking the boxes on the floor creates a whole host of problems including, crushed boxes, employee injuries from moving the boxes and greater chances for water damage if any flooding occurs. The solution to archive box storage is utilizing archive box shelving. Archive box shelving comes in special sizes designed specifically to accommodate the archive box sizes, organize and protect the boxes from being crushed, and utilizing higher vertical space if it is available.

Archive Storage with various media sizes

Storage Shelving

Today's offices have a variety of storage needs ranging from office supplies to promotional items, bulk printed materials, forms, computers parts and a whole host of other items. Storing these items on proper storage shelving reduces the amount of floor space required to hold these items and protects them from being damaged or lost. Many offices lose valuable storage space because they fail to recognize that proper storage shelving can fit into closets, under stairs or in small rooms. Proper storage shelving will have shelves which are adjustable and do not use screws or nuts and bolts to hold them together. If security is a requirement, locking doors can be placed on the shelving to restrict access to the shelves.

Storage shelving is also utilized in warehousing applications. We have a complete line of industrial shelving products.

Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving

Certain applications in healthcare, retail, food service and IT require the use of wire shelving. Wire shelving minimizes dust and dirt accumulation and allows for maximum air flow. Food service applications where moisture can be present is also another application where wire shelves are an excellent choice. Wire shelving can also be configured with wheels to turn shelving units into mobile carts.


Fabric storage

Shelving to Store Fabric Samples

Fabric sample storage can hang items such as small parts, fabric samples or clothing for many applications including:
  • Uniform storage for medical, dental & service markets
  • Retail and stock display for stores
  • Uniform storage for athletic teams
  • Fabric or furniture samples
  • Design samples & fabric swatches for architect & designer libraries

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