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File Conversions

Do you need to make a change to your current filing system? Have you purchased new file storage equipment and your old file folders don't fit or you can't see the indexing? Maybe your company has merged with another company and they want to combine the files from both companies into one new filing system. Do you have a problem with lost files and have decided to implement a bar-code tracking system? Contact us today!

File convertor matching old file with new folders

All of the above situations call for some type of file conversion. A file conversion is a service that most companies or departments do not have the internal resources or the knowledge to tackle on their own. But what if you could hire an outside firm who specializes in performing file conversions? What if that firm has the resources to accomplish in one weekend what would take your own staff 2 months to complete?

Transporting files to new location

Ellis Systems has over 50 years of experience performing file conversions. Every file conversion is managed by an Ellis Conversion Facilitator responsible for the project. This facilitator will go over in detail all aspects of the conversion plan. Such factors as conversion timelines, building requirements, database creation, staff coordination, delivery and file staging requirements, etc. are covered. The Ellis Conversion Facilitator will present you with a detailed conversion plan and its related costs. The Ellis Conversion Facilitator is the only contact you will ever need during the entire project.


Applying a new label to the folder

Here are just a few examples of the type of work we have done for companies just like yours.

  • top tab folder to side tab folder conversions
  • color code labeling conversions
  • alphabetic to straight numeric conversions
  • alphabetic to terminal digit conversions
  • straight numeric to terminal digit conversions
  • bar code application conversions
  • merging multiple locations into one centralized system
  • decentralizing files to multiple locations
  • merging two separate company filing systems into one new system


Matching color coding with tracking software

Contact us today for your file conversion projects. We will provide a turnkey solution for your company or department at a price much less than if you attempted it yourself!

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