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Specialty Lockers

hoteling locker
Hoteling Lockershoteling locker

Hoteling lockers are made of laminate or steel and designed for short term day use by visitors. Digital single used keyless locks are often used with these lockers to eliminate management of lockers by staff.

cell phone lockers
Cell Phone Lockers

These durable cell phone lockers are made of steel or laminate. Solid doors or see-through doors are the most popular options. Most frequently found in court facilities and schools.

Locker Room Locker

Locker room lockers come in a variety of construction: steel, laminate, wood plastic or stainless steel. Choose from an array of widths, heights and depths from standard design of painted steel to the complex of wood lockers. 

wardrobe lockerWardrobe Locker

Wardrobe lockers are offered in a variety of construction types: steel, stainless steel, laminate, wood or plastic. The wardrobe lockers come in a variety of widths, heights and depths depending on what your facility needs. The lockers can be a single tier up to 6 tiers with locking options including padlock hasp, built in combination lock, key lock or keyless digital lock. 

tenant storage lockerTenant Storage Lockertenant storage locker

The tenant storage locker is a wire mesh locker used in storage areas of apartment buildings and condominiums. These tenant storage lockers come with a lock hasp so the tenant can use their own padlock. The tenant lockers can be configured in various sizes based on the amount of space available. 

duty bag storage unitDuty Bag Lockers

The duty bag lockers are made of steel or laminate and designed to hold duffle bags. Duty locks are regularly found in police stations, fire stations and military applications.

evidence locker Evidence Pass Thru Lockers
& Evidence Non-Pass Thru Lockers

The evidence locker is made of steel and designed to provide direct transfer of custody from officer to Evidence Vault. Choose from 20 different locker door configurations to accommodate all type of evidence storage.

Refrigerated Evidence Pass Thru and Non Pass Thru lockers are available and used most often in police stations and laboratories.

personal duty locker gear locker
Personal Duty & Gear Lockers

The personal duty and gear lockers are made of durable steel, offered in a variety of widths and heights. The interior of the locker can be configured with locking compartments, drawers, adjustable shelves, drying racks, mirrors, hooks, coat rods, electric outlets, and ventilation. A built in bench option makes the lockers more space efficient. The personal duty and gear lockers are commonly found in police stations, fire stations, SWAT, military, prison systems and government agencies. 

weapons storage locker
Weapons Locker / Firearms Locker

These durable, made of steel weapons locker or firearms locker are designed to hold either hand guns or long guns. Mounted to a wall or in a wall, the weapons locker comes in an array of steel thicknesses, dependent on your level of required security.

Firearms lockers and weapons lockers are used in government agencies, police departments, court facilities and security departments.

z locker
Z Lockers

The special configuration Z locker is a perfect fit for full length coats to hang comfortably in a double tiered locker without wrinkling or bunching. The Z locker is a perfect solution for locker rooms where professionals need to hang coats. 

safety view clear locker
Safety View Clear Front Lockers

Safety view clear front lockers are used when visibility into lockers are important to the safety and security of your facility and the public.
These clear front lockers are used frequently in court houses, schools, institutions & airports.

fire station lockerfire station lockersFire Station Lockers

There are a variety of heavy duty, steel specialty lockers for use in police stations, fire stations & more.  Whether outfitting a new police or fire station or replacing old lockers, Ellis Systems can help you choose the proper locker type for your application as well as custom design and installation services.

Lockers are designed for maximum air circulation, enabling turn out gear to dry quickly and last longer. They also allow firefighters and public safety personnel to stay organized and keep equipment orderly so they are ready to go immediately when called to duty.

Locker types include: standard lockers, extra wide lockers, vented lockers, extra wide vented lockers, open access lockers, lockers with security boxes, wall hanging lockers, floor lockers, steel mesh lockers and more. 

Contact us today to learn more about specialty lockers from Ellis Systems.