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Museums Storage & Filing

It's a common concern: how to store a museum collection more efficiently and in a smaller space. From small delicate items to heavy oversize one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, Ellis has the storage solution for any of your museum or special collections needs.

Museum collection in a high density system

There is nothing more frustrating for a Collections Manager to decline a donation because of having no where to store it. But are your storage areas designed to provide maximum storage capacity or are they afterthoughts with a few sections of shelving or worse yet with nothing at all? Are the items directly on the floor and susceptible to even the smallest of water leaks?

From Archeology to Zoology, we can protect and store your collections in less space. Do you need custom cabinets to protect your collection? Let Ellis Systems show you over a hundred different cabinet sizes/configurations to accommodate your museum collections. Heard about high density and want to know if it makes sense for your collection, we can answer that question for you.

We can help you with whatever you need to store:

  • Art collection storage
  • Antique firearm storage

  • Archeology collection storage
  • Entomology collection storage
  • Herbarium collection storage
  • Mammology collection storage
  • Geological collection storage
  • Zoological collection storage
  • Specimen storage
  • Artifact storage
  • Painting storage
  • Rolled textile storage
  • Garment storage
  • Film storage
  • Rare book storage

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Art Storage

Art collection storage

Firearms storage in high density shelving

Storing antique firearms on a high density shelving system

Herbarium Storage Cabinets

Herbarium Storage Cabinets

Rolled Textile Storage

Rolled textile storage in drawers

Rolled Textiles on racks

Rolled textile storage on shelving racks

Collections stored in drawers

Collections stored in slide-out drawers

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